Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My very first Blog

Well this is going to be a first for me. I love reading others blogs and seeing their projects all looking for ideas for my home. So that is how I chose my title Inspiration Seeker, but I had to set up url a little diffrent. Oh did I mention I am new at all of this. It's like I want to say Hello Dana and welcome to the 21st century. Believe it or not I just got a cell phone again too. I think I took a break from everyone and everything for a few years due to some serious stress in my life. I know most would just DIE without their cell phones but not me it was nice to not have an eletric leash on my life anymore. I remember before cell phones (ok showing my age) but we use to have a big metal bell out in the yard at our lake house. And when our parents wanted us to come home they would ring it and we would come home. Simple and carefree was how I use to spend my days, but then it all got messed up somewhere along the way.

Anyway I guess what I am saying is give me a little time to get use to this blogging thing please.

What I look forward to sharing with whom ever or what ever is pieces of my life and the decorating of our new home.

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